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Destination: Latin America Sweepstakes

Congratulations to Mrs. Suzanne Luxbacher of Pittsburgh, PA, Grand Prize winner of Goya’s “Destination: Latin America” Sweepstakes. The Pittsburgh resident is a long-time user of Goya products and states that her favorite items are Goya’s beans, “I love making chili and use Goya’s kidney beans in my recipe.” The homemaker indicates that her earliest memories of Goya products are courtesy of her mother, “I remember the blue Goya label from childhood -- My mom used Goya beans for her chili and soups.”

Mrs. Luxbacher expressed her deep gratitude for Goya’s generous sponsorship of the sweepstakes as part of the company’s 70th Anniversary, “I’ve always wanted to travel to a foreign country” she says. Coincidentally, Suzanne and her husband had just begun saving for a much needed vacation before entering the sweepstakes. “When I received the notice from Goya that I was the winner I told my husband, ‘Bill, we can stop putting money in the cookie jar’!” she relates. The Luxbachers’ have selected a cruise to the Mexican Riviera which they plan on taking in the fall. Until then, Mrs. Luxbacher plans on expanding her knowledge of Latin American food and using Goya products to do so, “We need to start testing out different Mexican dishes for our trip!” states a very happy Susan. 

¡Buen viaje Suzanne & Bill!

Congratulations to all of our “Destination: Latin America” Sweepstakes winners:

Suzanne Luxbacher, Pittsburgh, PA

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Melanie Diehl, Susquehanna, PA
Nicole Phibbs, Norwalk, OH
Esther Gill, Riverside, CA
Kimberly Guebert, Steeleville, IL
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Debra McCarthy, Belford, NJ
Billy Lockhart, Yorktown, VA
Diane Phillips, New Providence, NJ
Jean Vehanen , San Diego , CA
Margaret Long, White Plains, NY
Tammy Hill, Brackenridge, PA
Britta Royster, Flint, MI
Mando Martinez, Atwater, CA
Mary Dale, Shorewood, IL
Weldon Pettway, Seattle, WA

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