The dishes you love along with exciting new recipes come together in our Creations from La Cocina Goya
Creations from La Cocina Goya

The dishes you love along with exciting new recipes come together in our Creations from La Cocina Goya. Enjoy our growing selection of empanadas, vegetarian dishes and so much more. It has never been easier finding delicious Goya and products together.

15 Recipes

Sweeten the Holidays with Luscious Latin Desserts

Rice and Beans
15 Recipes

15 easy and traditional recipes featuring Latin America’s dynamic duo!

Maria Cookies
12 Recipes

Make indulgent postres with Maria Cookies!

10 Recipes

Plan the ultimate picnic with deliciously easy Latin bites

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
10 Recipes

Savor the Extraordinary Flavor of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Breakfast and Brunch
10 Recipes

Rise and shine to Latin-style morning meals!

12 Recipes

Savor a collection of festive appetizers showcasing Spanish olives!

11 Recipes

Turn flavorful beans into delicious chili dishes

12 Recipes

Savor the wonders of versatile tortillas!

Beans in Sauce
10 Recipes

Discover the variety, convenience and flavor of GOYA Beans in Sauce!

Holiday Appetizer Party
10 Recipes

Throw a memorable holiday fiesta with delicious appetizers!

refreshing fruit recipes
10 Recipes

Beat the heat with refreshing fruit recipes!

healthy beans recipes
10 Recipes

Discover the healthy side of your favorite beans!

coconut recipes
11 Recipes

Sweeten Your Holiday Table With These Delicious Coconut Desserts.

empanadas recipes
9 Recipes

Empanadas around Latin America. 9 countries, 9 different empanadas.

nectar recipes
8 Recipes

Chill out with GOYA Nectars!

vegetarian recipes
10 Recipes

Discover the Goodness of Vegetarian Meals.

black beans recipes
10 Recipes

Versatile, convenient, satisfying, healthful, tender, super-tasty GOYA® Black Beans!

yellow rice recipes
10 Recipes

In one box of GOYA® Yellow Rice, you will find the secret for 10 fast and easy recipes.

holiday dessert recipes
10 Recipes

Take your pick: 10 luscious holiday desserts from around Latin America.

fruit pupl recipes
10 Recipes

Delicious frozen GOYA® Fruit Pulps: 100% natural, easy to use, and so good for you!