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They’re crunchy, delicious and simply irresistible. Ready in just minutes for your Cinco de Mayo celebration, these specialties filled with chicken or beef are the easy way to keep everyone happy at your party. Make sure you have plenty, and serve them with the Jalapeño Hot Sauce included in the box.


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2008 Spring Edition  

Recipes Full of Pride, Tradition and Flavor.

The spirit of Mexican cuisine has spread around the world with its flavor and freshness. Carnitas, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas. They’re all plates that have crossed borders and have found a home in everyone’s palate. Let’s Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with classic recipes that will leave us yelling...¡Ajúa!

Guacamole Guacamole

With its blend of fresh ingredients, it's the perfect accompaniment to tacos, tostadas and burritos. Make sure to have this classic ready for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

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Spicy Carnitas Spicy Carnitas

This delicious recipe of slow simmered braised pork will leave your palate, and your guests’, completely satisfied. This favorite authentic Mexican dish is a must for your Cinco de Mayo party.

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Tostadas con Queso Tostadas con Queso

It’s the dish that starts with a tortilla and refried beans, and it ends where your imagination decides. Enjoy this classic that you can make with a wide variety of toppings.

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Fajitas Fajitas

Even though it’s a Tex-Mex favorite, fajitas have the flavor and spirit of Mexico. They’re perfect to please everyone at your party, since each guest can make their fajita with the ingredients they like best. Get ready to share with friends and turn your party into a complete success!

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Goya Masterpiece Winner Announcement

Colette Pirinelli (pictured to the bottom right with family) was the grand prize winner of our Create a GOYA Masterpiece contest. To view a full list of winners visit

New Product Line

Low Sodium Beans (29 oz.)

This version of the classic line of Beans comes with two thirds less sodium than our original blue label line, but with all the quality and flavor that you know and expect from Goya. For your Cinco de Mayo party, prepare your dishes and take care of your family and friends with this delicious healthy alternative.


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Low sodium for all

The "low sodium" trend going around has nutritionists and scientists comparing sodium to the already problematic carbohydrates, fats and sugars in foods. High sodium intakes could lead to heart and blood pressure problems, a rising health concern among the population. The key is having a healthy balance of less processed foods, more fruits and vegetables, exercise and keeping the body hydrated. Look for low sodium products from Goya at your local groceries and get on track to a healthy lifestyle.

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