On Eating Healthy

Healthy Eating Around the World

The world is getting smaller in so many ways. Consumers around the globe want to eat healthier and are sharing an interest in great tasting food that is great for you. For centuries, rice and beans have been the main ingredients in dishes from South America to the Middle East, and these recipes are now being swapped across borders all over the world. In sharing culinary ideas, people are discovering the health benefits of rice and beans.

We talked to experts and consumers to get the pulse on these international food favorites. You too can take advantage of these widespread health benefits. Goya Foods offers a healthy variety of rice and bean products and delicious recipes. For example, start out with this dish of Classic Black Beans and Rice, which crosses many cultural and culinary borders.

"When I became pregnant, my Dr. explained the importance of increasing the amount of folic acid, thiamin, niacin and iron in my diet. Who would have thought, my favorite - rice and beans - had all of the nutrients I needed".
- Anjaline, Brazil

"Ever since I became diabetic, I've incorporated beans into my daily diet to help keep my insulin levels in check - I never realized how tasty and flavorful eating healthy could be".
- Claire, United Kingdom

"With a variety of over 30 types of beans and 21 types of rice and still growing, Goya Foods has always recognized the 'goodness' of quality beans and rice and known how these special foods are an essential part of a healthy diet. With a thorough understanding of the Hispanic consumer and traditional recipes, Goya strives to meet the increasing demand for healthy and delicious rice an bean products not only among Hispanics, but also to all of the America, which is quickly adopting these products into their meals."
- Frank Cicio, Product Development, Goya Foods

"With two sons heavily into sports, it's hard to be a great cook and supportive fan. That's why I rely on packaged rice mixes which are easy to make, fill my sons up and always taste great."
- Marie, Canada

"Folic acid is a very important B-vitamin for our bodies. Because our bodies do not produce folate, it is important that we get it from the foods we eat. You can simply add this important vitamin to your diet by eating leafy greens, peas or beans daily."
- Stephen Hoag, PhD, University of Maryland

"I travel a lot for work, and it is so important that my family have a healthy & hearty dinner every night. I use a lot of rice and beans to create dishes that don't take a lot of time to prepare and than can be frozen and then heated, even if I'm not home."
- Suria, South Africa