Tossing Together No-Cook Meal Ideas

No matter is it’s cold wintery weather or a hot summer day, with today’s hectic schedules and long work days, the interest in fast, tasty meals that can be put together without turning on the stove is a popular idea. For many people around the world, a hearty staple anytime of year is beans. Not only are these hearty legumes a great way to make dishes more filling, but they're also a terrific source of both protein and fiber. Today it's possible to put a healthier fresh spin on classic dishes with the many varieties of GOYA® Dry Beans and GOYA® Low Sodium Canned Beans available through Goya foods.

For instance, this colorful, flavorful Three Bean Salad recipe, made with Goya's tasty Low Sodium Beans and award-winning GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is a nutritious and delicious creation that can be assembled in just a few minutes – either to add to a tortilla for a quick meal or as a centerpiece side dish for a picnic or outdoor repast.

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