On Healthy Eating

Tossing Together No-Cook Meal Ideas

(NAPS) - As the temperature increases, so does interest in fast, tasty meals that can be put together without turning on the stove.

For many people, a hearty staple of this warm-weather cuisine is beans. Not only are these hearty legumes a great way to make dishes more filling, but they're also a terrific source of both protein and fiber. In addition, with a number of canned varieties available on grocery store shelves, it's possible to put fresh spins on classic dishes.

For instance, this recipe for Black Bean and Mango Salad, made with Goya's tasty black beans and zesty Adobo seasoning, is a nutritious summer creation that can be assembled in just a few minutes - a colorful, flavorful centerpiece for a picnic or outdoor repast.