Become a “Wrap Artist” with tortillas and beans

Wrap it up! When you are looking for a quick, fun, nutritious and budget –friendly way to feed the family - combine vegetables, beans and meat (if desired) with fresh herbs and “wrap it up” in a tortilla. Hot off the grill or fresh from the skillet, wraps, quesadilla, burritos, tacos can be an easy and fun way to add nutrition and international flavor to the family meal. The varieties are almost endless.

For a Latin "thrill on the grill," start with your favorite vegetables and blend them with Mexican flavorings, such as GOYA® Low Sodium Adobo or GOYA® Mojo Chipotle Marinade. And to make the wraps more filling, stuff them full of hearty GOYA® Low Sodium Beans - an excellent source of fiber and protein and a staple of cuisines from many countries around the world.

For a tasty and healthier take on Mexican quesadillas, use nutritious GOYA® Low Sodium Black Beans! GOYA® Beans are a good source of protein, very low in fat and boast more fiber than most whole grain foods. Simply mix the beans with GOYA® Pico de Gallo, freshly chopped vegetables, herbs and a handful of cheese, fill the quesadilla, and cook. Serve it with 1 cup of low fat milk of your choice and a side of fresh fruit for a quick, nutritious and delicious My Plate meal. Good on your wallet and your waistline.

Here's one quick bean and tortilla recipe made with GOYA® Tortillas: Black Bean Quesadillas

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