Frozen Foods

Our frozen food keeps its nutritional value, freshness and flavor. Put Goya in your freezer and enjoy our authentic flavors.
Mexican FavoritesPrepared SpecialtiesPlantains

Mexican Favorites

Be prepared for the praise you'll receive when you serve these delicious favorites. With Goya, you've found a true taste of Mexico in our authentic Taquitos and Tamales. Each has a variety of flavors and, like all our frozen products, they are as easy to make as they are to eat.

Prepared Specialties

The fastest way to experience Goya's exotic Latino flavors. Try our traditional turnovers without spending a second making or filling the dough. Now, these Caribbean favorites are yours to enjoy in minutes, only from the authority in Latino cuisine - Goya!


Taste a Caribbean staple without washing and peeling. Goya knows sweet, exotic tasting plantains make the perfect side dish for any meal whether it's authentic Latino, or, if you want to add a twist to your favorites. Just fry or bake our delicious plantains and in minutes you'll be enjoying great flavors.
Recaito, Sofrito & GuacamoleEntreesVegetables

Recaito, Sofrito & Guacamole

Goya helps you make Caribbean cooking easy. Start a flavorful stew, or any favorite meal, with a spoonful of our delicious sofrito or recaito; packed with zesty onions, garlic, tomatoes and exotic spices. We also help bring Mexican flavors to your table, fast. Put out a tasteful appetizer tray with our real Mexican style guacamole, made with the best aguacates around. Either way, you'll wet their appetites for more!


Enjoy a hearty meal in minutes. Have you ever tried delicious Ropa Vieja or rice with Chicken? How about Beef Stew or Asopao? Now, all of these Caribbean specialties are ready and waiting for you. Each comes with the best ingredients Goya can find and the time-honored Latino cooking process Goya has helped perfect over time.


Goya believes in the power of vegetables. That's why ours are always packed fresh; they're healthy and ready to serve in minutes. Just open the bag. Have you ever tried making Sancocho or Ajiaco? If not, get our recipe from, then open some Goya mixed vegetables or viandas; you're halfway done already. Take our Yucca (pronounced You-Ka), add our Mojo marinade and enjoy. Make a fresh salad with our carrots, peas, and corn. Easy; no peeling, no effort. Goya is ready for you.
Fruit PulpsDiscos

Fruit Pulps

In several delicious tropical varieties like Passion Fruit, Papaya, Mango and Tamarind, these frozen fruit pulps are 100% natural, low in fat, high in Vitamin C, and cholesterol free. Used in smoothies and frozen desserts, Goya Fruit Pulps are the key ingredient in tropical treats. And now Fruit Pulps are available in convenient packages with four individually-wrapped, single-use servings.


Now you can make your own turnovers without the effort of making perfect dough; ours are already set to go for you. Fill them with meat, chicken, tuna, vegetables or seafood, even take a disco Goya and fill it with your special secret recipe. Then, bake or fry to create a crispy, golden brown traditional Latin Empanadilla!