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Blackberry Ice Pops - Paletas de Mora

Making naturally fruity, refreshing ice pops is easier than ever when you use GOYA® Blackberry Fruit Pulp. Already mashed and seeded, the bright blackberry fruit pulp is simply sweetened with a touch of honey, and then frozen in molds. Easy enough for the kid chefs in your family, these ice pops are extra cool on the hottest summer days.

(Serving Size: 1 ice pop 60 Calories 0g Fat (0g Saturated, 0g Trans); 0mg Choles- terol; 14g Carbohydrate; 10g Sugar; 1g Protein; 1g Fiber; 0mg Sodium)

Makes 8 Servings

Prep time: 5 min.

Total time: 5 min., plus freezing time


1 pkg. (14 oz.) frozen GOYA® Blackberry Fruit Pulp, thawed

½ cup water

½ cup GOYA® Agave


1. In medium bowl, mix together blackberry fruit pulp, water and agave, stirring until agave dissolves.
2. Evenly divide blackberry mixture among eight 3-oz. ice pop molds. Transfer molds to freezer; freeze until slushy, about 1 hour. Insert popsicle stick into each mold. Freeze until ice pops are solid, about 3 hours more.
3. To serve, quickly run bottom of molds under hot water before unmolding.
Tip By La Cocina Goya

Make fruit the everyday dessert.

Serve baked apples, pears, or enjoy a fruit salad. Or, serve yummy frozen fruit bars instead of high-calorie desserts.