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Coconut Sorbet

Coconut Sorbet is a famous island treat, especially around Old San Juan, Puerto Rico where street carts vendors offer frozen scoops of Coco as a refreshing antidote to the tropical heat. But before you book a flight to the Island, try this easy Coconut Sorbet recipe that captures the authentic flavor. The key: two coconut superstars: Coco GOYA® Cream of Coconut, which adds sweet coconut taste and GOYA® Coconut Milk, which imparts creamy- smooth texture. Simply mix, process in your ice cream machine, and take a tropical vacation in your kitchen.

Serves 10

Prep time: less than 5 min.

Total time: 35 min., plus chilling time.


2 cans (13.5 oz.) each GOYA® Coconut Milk

1 can (15 oz.) Coco GOYA® Cream of Coconut

1½ cup water

½ cup sweetened flaked coconut, plus more for garnish, if desired.


1. Blend coconut milk and cream of coconut in blender until smooth, about 1 minute. Transfer to bowl; stir in water and ½ cup flaked coconut. Chill until very cold.
2. Process cold coconut mixture in 2-qt. ice cream maker, according to manufacturer's instructions; transfer to freezer. Freeze until firm.
3. To serve, scoop into dessert bowls and garnish with more flaked coconut, if desired.
Tip By La Cocina Goya

No Ice Cream Machine? No problem!

To make this coconut sorbet without an ice cream machine, follow recipe through step 1. Then, transfer coconut mixture to freezer-safe bowl and transfer to freezer. Freeze until frozen, vigorously stirring coconut mixture every 30 minutes, about 3 hours. Then cover and keep frozen until ready to use. Proceed to step 3 of recipe.

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