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Salvadoran Pupusas with Cabbage Salad

Tasty Stuffed Tortillas from El Salvador

A staple of Salvadoran cuisine, pupusas are handmade, stuffed corn tortillas. Savory, flavor-packed pupusas Salvadoreñas are traditionally filled with beans, cheese, and pork. This pupusas recipe is especially easy, made with GOYA® Masarica Instant Corn Masa Flour, and stuffed with a choice of GOYA® Refried Red Beans (Volteados Style) and white cheese. Pupusas are served with a tangy pickled cabbage salad.;

Origin: El Salvador
Serves 8

Prep time: less than 5 min.

Total time: 30 min.


For the Pupusas:

2 cups GOYA® Masarica Instant Corn Masa Flour

1 tsp. GOYA® Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning without Pepper

3 cups hot water

For the filling:

1 can (16 oz.) GOYA® Refried Red Beans (Volteados Style)

1 package (8 oz.) white cheese or other salty mild, shredded cheese

For the Cabbage Salad:



1. In bowl, combine Masarica, Adobo and 2 cups of water. Mix until water is absorbed. Using hands, knead Masarica mixture, adding remaining water a little at a time, until moist dough is formed. You may not need all the water.
2. Using hands, roll 3 tablespoons dough into ball. Flatten into disk that measures 5” round and 1/8” thick; repeat with remaining dough to form 16 disks, cover dough and disks with damp towel as you work. Spread 1 tablespoon refried beans or cheese evenly over one round . Season with Adobo. Cover with another round; crimp the bottom edge over the top to seal. As a variation, you can combine both beans and cheese in same pupusa. Repeat using remaining dough, beans and cheese until 8 pupusas are formed.
3. On a medium hot, lightly oiled griddle or skillet cook pupusas until browned on both sides, flipping once, 6-8 minutes.
4. Serve hot with cabbage salad accompaniment.

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