Zippy Black Bean Dip

For a vibrant, healthy black bean dip that’s perfect for any-time entertaining, simply whip together GOYA® Black Beans with aromatic spices like garlic and cumin, a splash of tangy lemon juice and a drizzle GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For an even healthier version, use GOYA® Low-Sodium Black Beans. You’ll love how quickly this bean dip comes together and your guests will feel good about going back for seconds!

Makes 2½ cups

Prep time: 5 min.

Total time: 10 min.


2 cans (15.5 oz. each) GOYA® Black Beans or Low-Sodium Black Beans, drained and rinsed

¼ small red onion, finely chopped (about ¼ cup)

¼ medium tomato, finely chopped (about ¼ cup)

¼ cup packed fresh cilantro

1 tbsp. GOYA® Minced Garlic

1 GOYA® Pickled Jalapeño, seeded and finely chopped (about 1 tbsp.), (optional)

¾ tsp. GOYA® Ground Cumin

2 tbsp. GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tbsp. GOYA® Lemon Juice

GOYA® Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning with Pepper, to taste

Assorted cut vegetables, for serving


1. In bowl of blender or food processor, combine beans, onions, tomatoes cilantro, garlic, jalapeño, if desired, cumin, olive oil and lemon juice.Puree until smooth, about 2 minutes; season with adobo.

2. Transfer bean dip to bowl; season with Adobo, to taste. Serve with vegetables.
Tip By La Cocina Goya

More ways with Black Bean Dip!

While this black bean dip is natural crowd pleaser – perfect for dunking your favorite fresh veggies, baked pita and tortilla chips – it also makes a flavorful, low-calorie spread for your favorite wrap or sandwich and as an unexpected topping for toast.

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