Jersey City, New Jersey

Jul 24, 2018

Long known as nature’s perfect elixir and healthy additive, Olive Oil is a pantry staple. Most commonly known for rice and beans, Goya Foods, the largest Hispanic owned food company in the United States, ranks as one of the best producers of exceptional quality olive oil in the world, and the only mainstream brand sold in the United States that placed among the top competitors of World’s Best Olive Oils ranking.  


One of the most elite olive oil rankings in the world, the World’s Best Olive Oils 2018 recognized Goya® Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as one of the best olives oils worldwide, and Goya® Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the best organic olive oils worldwide for their premium quality and outstanding flavor.  In addition, Goya® Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil was awarded the 2018 Mario Solinas Quality Award, the world’s most prestigious and selective competition by the International Olive Council (IOC) for “the best green medium fruitiness” category of Spain, ranking in the top five worldwide.  The Goya® Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts a harmonious fruity green aroma, with a touch of herbs and green leaves, and hints of tomato, apple, green almonds and artichokes, creating an elegant balance between a bitter and peppery taste.


“We are extremely honored and proud of our multi-award winning line of premium quality extra virgin olive oils and the recent recognition we have received, especially during a time when the competition is intense and consumers have many choices to select from,” said Joe Perez, Senior Vice President of Goya Foods. “It is a true testament to our mission of producing single-origin premium quality olive oils while making our products accessible to consumers worldwide at an affordable cost.”


The accolades of national and international awards for the Goya® Extra Virgin Olive Oil also include the New York International Olive Oil Competition Gold Award 2018, the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Contest Gold Medal 2018 and Bronze Medal Award 2017, the CINVE Silver Medal 2018 in Spain, the BIOL Extra Gold Medal 2018 in Italy, the Athena International Olive Oil Competition Double Gold Medal Award 2018, and Olive Japan Gold Medal 2018 and 2017. Goya® Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil was also awarded the NYIOOC Gold Award 2018, the Los Angeles IOOC Silver Medal 2018, the CINVE Gold Medal 2018 and Silver 2017 in Spain, the Leone D’Oro Finalisti Gran Menzione Award 2018 in Italy, the Athena International Olive oil Competition Gold Medal 2018, the Sol D’ Oro 2018 Special Mention “Intense Fruit Olive Oil “ Award 2018 in Italy, Olive Japan 5 Gold Medals 2014-2018.


The olives are harvested in the region of Andalusia, Spain and pressed just before, or in the process of turning color, to preserve the full flavor and health properties.   The oil is bottled at Goya’s factory, ranked as one of the top ecological EVOO companies in the world, located in Alcala de Guadaíra, Seville.  Suggested retail price ranges from $5.99 to $11.99 for a 17-ounce bottle of the Goya® Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Goya® Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, and Goya® Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and are available in supermarkets nationwide.


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About GOYA: Founded in 1936, Goya Foods, Inc. is America’s largest Hispanic-owned food company, and has established itself as the leader in Latin American food and condiments. Goya manufactures, packages, and distributes over 2,500 high-quality food products from Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. Goya products have their roots in the culinary traditions of Hispanic communities around the world. The combination of authentic ingredients, robust seasonings, and convenient preparation makes Goya products ideal for every taste and every table.  For more information on Goya Foods, please visit