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Goya Gives is a national initiative committed to promoting and supporting the overall well-being of our communities through social responsibility, environmental initiatives and company values.



As Puerto Rico faces the biggest challenge in its history we unite to help a nation in distress with only one mission: To help rebuild Puerto Rico.



We have made the following contributions:

  • Goya donated and shipped two truckloads of water from the United States
  • Goya Puerto Rico donated and distributed over 600,000 pounds of food to the municipalities of San Juan, Old San Juan, San Lorenzo, Bayamon and other areas throughout the Island
  • Goya teamed up with SBS to set up donation drop-offs throughout the tri-state area. Employees of both companies worked together to pack 200,000 pounds of food and water that was shipped directly to the people of Puerto Rico
  • Goya employees in New Jersey collected and donated 33,500 pounds of water and basic necessities that were shipped to Puerto Rico
  • Goya distributed Goya coconut water and meals to police officers in Bayamon, directing traffic all day in the hot sun
  • Goya delivered low sodium products and diet nectars to patients at medical centers
  • Goya donated and delivered food to 15 senior citizen centers
  • Goya donated 36,540 pounds of bottled water
  • Goya donated 1,995 cases of oat smoothies totaling 26,334 pounds
  • Goya donated food to top chefs in Puerto Rico who are preparing hot meals and delivered food via Goya's helicopter
  • Goya donated 43,000 pounds of mixed food items
  • In collaboration with Polar Springs, Goya donated one container of water for a total of 40,864 pounds
  • In collaboration with Food Town, Goya donated 33,500 pounds of food and water
  • Goya continues to work with FEMA and the Puerto Rican government to gain access to all areas of the Island and help with the reconstruction of Puerto Rico
  • More to come…


In total, Goya has donated 1 million pounds of food, water and additional products to the people of Puerto Rico.

*Please visit this page for updates.