Mexican Lime Maria IceBox Cake

Mexican Lime Maria IceBox Cake


Mexican Lime Maria IceBox Cake

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La Cocina Goya

Carlota de Limón

This Mexican Lime Icebox Cake, known as a carlota in Spanish, is a cool, creamy no-bake treat that layers a cream filling with crisp GOYA® Maria Cookies. Here, we whisk together cream cheese, condensed and evaporated milk with lime juice and zest to make a refreshing citrus filling that’s set between the cookies. Once assembled, we simply chill the cake in the refrigerator overnight until the cookies absorb the flavors of the filling and soften into a sliceable, cake-like consistency.

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4 oz.

reduced-fat cream cheese, at room temperature

1 can (12 oz.)

½ cup

of lime juice, plus 2 tsp. of lime zest (about 4 limes), plus more zest for garnish


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Step 1

In large bowl, stir together cream cheese and 2 tsp. lime zest until blended. Using whisk, gradually whisk in condensed milk until blended. Whisk in evaporated milk and lime juice until smooth and thick. Using spoon, spread ½ cup cream cheese mixture on bottom of 8” glass baking dish.

Step 2

Top cream cheese mixture with 9 Maria cookies, arranging in single layer. Gently spread cookies with about ¾ cup cream cheese mixture. Repeat layering 3 times more, using ¾ cup cream cheese mixture and 9 cookies per layer, ending with remaining cream cheese mixture. Cover cake with plastic wrap; transfer to refrigerator. Chill at least 8 hours, or overnight. Garnish cake with lime zest, if desired, before serving.

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Hello Lisa P. My apologies that you had a tough time with this recipes. The idea behind the thickening of the mixture is the when acid in the lime juice reacts with the proteins in the milk which will create a thicken custard mixture that can be spooned out and spread. It is important to whisk in the ingredients in the order stated in the direction where the lime juice is the last ingredient added. I hope this helps. Thanks , Chef Ashley

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