With over 30 varieties of high quality, great tasting beans and peas, Goya gives you countless ways to prepare delicious home-cooked meals that the whole family will enjoy.
Canned BeansDry Beans and GrainsRefried & Volteados

Canned Beans

Tender, healthy, and flavorful Goya Blue Label beans can be prepared quickly and conveniently. Just add your favorite ingredients and they will taste like you cooked for hours. Red Label canned beans come in a delicious, rich sauce for even less preparation.

Dry Beans and Grains

Goya dry beans are the traditional ingredient of great soups, side dishes and meals. Goya dry beans are harvested with care and need to be soaked to replenish their natural, bursting flavor.

Refried & Volteados

The goodness of Goya Beans prepared in the traditional Mexican or Central American refried style.
Fiesta Baked Beans

Fiesta Baked Beans

Taste the Difference the perfect side dish can make!