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GOYA® Maria Cookies have a delightful sweet taste and crunchy texture. Enjoy them on their own, or accompany them with a hot beverage, such as a cup of milk, coffee or tea. Made in Spain with flavorful ingredients that give life to these delicious cookies, that captivates everyone who tries them. Discover your favorite variety here and keep them in your pantry for when you want to indulge in their delicious flavor or create fantastic recipes.

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Maria Cookies for Everyone

Meet our line of GOYA® Maria Cookies, perfect for enjoying on their own or creating a variety of desserts. Just choose your favorite presentation and enjoy their crunchy texture and delicious flavor, bite after bite.

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Lovely Desserts with Maria Cookies

Create a myriad of delicious and delightful desserts with GOYA® Maria Cookies. Discover everything you can make here, from adorable tiramisu, velvety cheesecakes, to delicious cakes, pies, and parfaits.

Recipes and Tips to Inspire

Want to impress your friends and family with a fabulous dessert? Here are some delicious, step-by-step ideas that show you how to create a tasty dessert with GOYA® Maria Cookies, which are not only delicious and crunchy, but also versatile.

Mexican Lime Maria IceBox Cake

Argentinean Chocotorta

Easy Maria Cookies Crust

Chocolate Covered Maria Sandwiches

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Behind the Product


Made with Love and Quality

Our delicious GOYA® Maria Cookies are a favorite in many homes around the world, becoming the cookie of choice for generations. Our authentic, time-honored recipe is created with the highest standards of quality, making it a Latin favorite!


Baked with High Quality Ingredients

Every delicious recipe starts with high quality ingredients. That's why we choose every ingredient with this premise in mind, to create the best quality products. This allows for consistency in the delicious flavor and crunchy texture in every single one of our GOYA® Maria Cookies varieties.


Crunchy and Delicious!

There's nothing better than a crunchy bite, with the perfect sweetness! We make sure to bake each of the GOYA® Maria Cookies to perfection, achieving the ideal color and texture. Plus, they come in perfectly sealed packaging to ensure freshness upon opening. Don't wait too long to open a package and savor their rich flavor. Delicious!


Real Chocolate!

Our GOYA® Chocolate Maria Cookies are made with the highest quality cocoa powder. Their exceptional chocolate flavor captivates all palates, including those of children.


An Authentic Taste of Tradition

GOYA® Maria Cookies are a traditional snack in many homes around the world. Originating in Spain, our cookies maintain their extraordinary original flavor, but with a touch of originality in the different varieties offered to satisfy all tastes.

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Do you love Maria Cookies and have you created a delicious dessert with them? Share your creations and your love for GOYA® Maria Cookies with the hashtag #GoyaMariaCookies.