Mexican Style Cowboy Beans

Mexican Style Cowboy Beans

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Discover the deliciousness of GOYA® Charro Beans, that come ready to enjoy. A traditional Mexican dish made with creamy pinto beans, combined with chorizo, bacon, jalapeño peppers, cilantro, and spices. Their name comes from the Mexican horsemen or charro that emerged from the north of the country, and they became a favorite in Mexican cuisine. They are perfect as a main dish or as a side to grilled meats, like Mexican skirt steak, tacos, and of course, all your favorite recipes that call for rich stewed beans. Keep them in your pantry, so you can enjoy their flavor any time!


• Excellent source of fiber

• Good source of iron

• Good source of potassium

• 0g trans fat

• Low fat

• Saturated fat free

• Cholesterol free

• Gluten free

• Size: 15 oz.

Gluten Free

0g Trans Fat

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