Olives & Capers



Whether you prefer them stuffed, pitted, or sliced, Goya has the olive you're looking for.

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•  Manzanilla Olives •  Pitted Alcaparrado
•  Stuffed Olives •  Peruvian Olives
•  Salad Olives •  Olives Stuffed with Anchovies
•  Jumbo Olives •  Large Ripe Black Olives
•  Olives Stuffed with Tuna •  Small Ripe Black Olives
•  Cocktail Olives •  Olives Stuffed with Hot Pimentos
•  Stuffed Queen Olives •  Pitted Olives


Goya premium imported Spanish capers are bursting with flavor. Click for Recipe.


Add a kick of freshness to your recipes with Goya Alcaparrado, a mixture of olives, pimientos strips and capers. Ideal for Rice with Pigeon Peas and Beef Stew.
Goya Authentic Foods

Specialty Olives

If Olives are the perfect appetizer for your Easter gatherings, imagine the incredible possibilities of flavor with our line of Specialty Olives. With many varieties to choose from, such as Anchovies, Ham, Smoked Salmon, Jalapeño, Lemon, Garlic, Hot Peppers and Tuna. Everyone will find one that is their favorite.