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Seasoned Rice Mixes

Mexican Rice

Whole kernels of corn, bell pepper, onion, garlic and tasty bits of jalapeño in a mix of Goya long grain rice rich with chicken flavor. A perfect side dish to your favorite Tex-Mex.

Mexican-Style Salsas

Mexican Red Salsa

Mexican Salsas

Recently surpassing ketchup as the most popular condiment in America, salsas are the perfect topping if you're looking to spice up your meal or snack. Try all of Goya's Mexican Salsas. each one with its own degree of spiciness: Salsa Pico de Gallo Mild or Hot, Salsa Verde, and Salsa Taquera

Mexican Specialties

Stuffed Peppers Mexican Style

Mexican Tamales

Savor the wonderful flavors of these authentic corn tamales. A delicious and comforting Mexican meal that’s ready in minutes. Just heat and serve! Try them in two filling options: Beef or Cheese and Green Pepper.

Beans in Sauce

Mexican Style Cowboy Beans

Flavored with smoky chorizo, cilantro, and jalapeño, this authentic pinto bean recipe was traditionally prepared over an open fire by Mexican horsemen called charros. Ready in minutes!

Mexican-Style Salsas

Mexican Green Salsa

Specialty Vegetables

Mexican-Style Zucchini Flower

Instant Seasoned Rice

Instant Mexican Rice

Beans in Sauce

Mexican Style Pinto Beans

Savor full-flavored pinto beans as they’re enjoyed in homes throughout Mexico. We stew the beans with garlic and onion until they’re tender and creamy. All you do is open the can!

Specialty Vegetables

Mexican-Style Sliced Carrots


Ponche (in a bag)

Excellent for preparing party pitcher size Ponche! Easy to store and no problem to prepare.

Mexican Taquitos

Ready in minutes, your family or guests will devour these authentic hand rolled chicken or beef specialties and be ready for more.

Refried Beans Mexican Style

Refried Pinto Beans with Chorizo

Refried Beans Mexican Style

Reduced Sodium Refried Black Beans

Refried Beans Mexican Style

Fat Free Refried Black Beans

Mexican Specialties

Spicy Guacamole

Hot Sauces

Botanita - Hot Sauce with Lime Juice

This Mexican "ketchup" will jazz up any meal.

Refried Beans Mexican Style

Refried Pinto Beans - Traditional

You can't go wrong with a classic: authentic, chunky-smooth, cholesterol-free GOYA® Refried Pinto Beans.

Mexican Specialties

Mild Guacamole

The secret to great guacamole is using the best Hass avocados available, and Goya knows which avocados make the creamiest, most delicious guacamole. Plus, Goya's Frozen Guacamole is ready to eat. It's ready when you are!

Mexican Specialties

Chicken Taquitos

Mexican Specialties

Beef Taquitos
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