Navy Beans

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GOYA® Navy Beans, also called “small beans,” are very popular in the United States and are part of the variety of beans that GOYA® has for you. These beans are smaller in size than many other types of white beans, and their preparation is very easy and fast because they are ready to use. Just open a can and add them to your recipe, and Voila! This rich ingredient is perfect for a wide variety of recipes, such as traditional baked beans, chilis, soups, stews and salads; they are also perfect in a vegetarian diet. Their creamy texture and amazing flavor will delight you.


Prepare and be inspired by the best ingredients and cook your best recipes with GOYA® Navy Beans.


• Good source of fiber

• Good source of iron

• 0g trans fat

• Low in fat

• No saturated fat

• No cholesterol

• Soy free

• Non-GMO

• Vegan

• Kosher

• Gluten free

• Size: 15.5 oz.

Gluten Free

0g Trans Fat


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