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85 Years of Rice & Beans

Goya was founded in 1936 with the purpose to serve authentic, high-quality and affordable Latin products. At Goya, we take great pride in being recognized as the number 1 producer of certified USDA1 and prime premium quality in the United States. We offer the largest variety of beans in the country with a portfolio of over 40 variations including organic and low sodium that cater to every culinary tradition and culture. At Goya, there is a bean for everyone!


Grown with Love

Most of our beans are grown domestically in the United States by passionate and skillful farming professionals who have been growing beans for decades. Like Goya, many of our farmers are family-run companies that have preserved their agricultural traditions for generations and continue to apply traditional handcrafted techniques for our specialized beans.


With over 45 varieties of beans grown globally,

at Goya there is a bean for everyone!

As the largest producer of beans and Latin products in the United States, we also source our beans from around the world, making us the only company that is able to serve both Hispanic and general market consumers. We work globally with socially-responsible farmers that are masters in the production of rice and beans, but also loyal supporters of independent and local businesses in their communities.

Farm Fields


Powered by Solar Energy

For 85 years Goya has positioned itself as a leader in the Hispanic food industry and a trusted American brand while recognizing the important role businesses play in leading the way for an environmental change. We update our facilities and the technology we use on a consistent basis in order to adhere to energy-saving practices, environmental protection, and resource management guidelines.

Goya is the largest user of solar energy

among Hispanic owned food and beverage companies in the US

Today, Goya is the largest user of solar energy within Hispanic-owned food & beverage companies and ranks in the top 10 corporate solar users in the food and beverage industry in the United States. By using a combination of solar energy, a water-efficient management program, and the use of recyclable materials in our packaging, transportation, and distribution we are actively implementing sustainable manufacturing practices. Our commitment to the planet starts in the fields and continues with every step of the production process.

Solar Power Farm

Giving Back

Our Green Footprint

For Goya, giving back to the planet means not only leaving a green footprint but also reinforcing our commitment to local communities that are directly involved and impacted by our products. Preservation of traditional crops and harvesting practices go hand in hand with the culinary traditions of our Hispanic heritage. We advocate to protect and recognize the diversity of cultures in the United States by supporting specific farm techniques that enables us to offer our consumers a unique and authentic portfolio of products.

250 rail cars removes about


freight truck loads from U.S. Highways

Our newly launched rail car shipping system is also a testament to our commitment to the environment, as we considerably reduce CO2 emissions, gasoline consumption and the number of freight truck loads on US Highways.

4 Million lbs

of food donated worldwide in 2020

Through our Goya Gives and Goya Cares global initiatives, we continue to support the overall wellbeing of our consumers and local communities.

Green Footprint