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Canned and Jarred Peppers

Diced Green Chiles

Their versatility, tang and aroma make Green Chiles a favorite ingredient for chefs worldwide. And they will become one of yours too! GOYA’s top quality Diced Green Chiles go perfectly with every Mexican meal. Use them to add heat to any dish, including kosher meals.


Plantain Chips – Garlic

Crunchy and tasty! These delicious Plantain Chips are fantastic. They’re lightly seasoned with salt and garlic and cooked until crispy and golden.


Plantain Chips – Unsalted

Try these crunchy and delicious unsalted Plantain Chips. They’re cooked until perfectly crispy and golden.


Plantain Chips – Lime

If you like a citrusy lime flavor kick, these crispy Plantain Chips will be your favorite!


Corn Tortillas

An essential ingredient in Mexican kitchens! GOYA® Corn Tortillas are soft and have a delicious flavor made from the very best corn. They come ready to create a variety of authentic dishes, like tacos and tostadas, quesadillas, enchiladas, chilaquiles and other favorites. They’re convenient and absolutely delicious!


Adzuki Beans

Red adzuki beans are small red beans that are popular in Japan, China and other Asian countries.


Plantain Bits

These delicious and super crispy GOYA® Plantain Bits come with a pinch of sea salt.


Tostones Chips – Original

A Latin favorite! Delicious Tostones, as they’re known in the Caribbean, are also known as patacones in South America.


Plantain Chips – Hot & Spicy

Crunchy and spicy! These delicious and crispy Plantain Chips are seasoned with a spicy kick for the most incredible flavor.


Cassava Chips – Original

Fall for the delicious crispiness of our Yuca Cassava Chips! Enjoy them in their original variety: lightly seasoned with salt and fried to crispy perfection.


Plantain Strips – Original

A classic! The Plantain Strips – Original are the traditional version of this crispy and delicious Latin favorite.

Premium Beans

Small Red Beans

These small red beans have an intense and robust flavor paired with a smooth texture. They’re wonderful in a variety of dishes, like salads, chili, soups, and stews.

Frozen Bean Burgers

Lentil Burger

Try these fantastic GOYA® Lentil Burgers, created by the bean experts. This vegan, fiber-packed burger is made with the highest quality lentils, brown rice, corn, onions, garlic, flavorful vegetables like carrots and red peppers, and spices.


Malta Goya

Popular in the Caribbean and some South American countries, this Malta drink features a rich, sweet flavor and can be enjoyed on its own, mixed with your favorite ice cream.

Whole Fruits Blends

Mango Chunks

Taste the tropical flavor of GOYA® Mango Chunks. These mangoes have been harvested at peak ripeness to ensure the highest quality, then frozen and put in convenient packaging.


Plantain Strips

If you crave a delicious snack, you’ve got to try crunchy GOYA® Plantain Strips - Original. They’re made with real plantain, cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of salt to make them simply irresistible.

Tropical Fruit Pulps

Passion Fruit Pulp

GOYA® Passion Fruit Pulp is also known as parcha or chinola. It has a fantastic yellow color and a delicious sweet and citrus flavor.

Premium Beans

Red Kidney Beans

These delicious red kidney beans have a robust flavor and a smooth texture, making them an ideal companion to rice, or for preparing delicious chili, soups, salads and many other recipes.


Black Lentils

With their striking, dark color and small, round shape, black lentils are also known as beluga, or caviar lentils.


Churros with Chocolate

If you like chocolate, you’re going to love these GOYA® Churros with Chocolate. Hailing from Spain, they’re the perfect snack to enjoy anytime or as a delicious dessert.

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