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Naturally hydrating GOYA® Coconut Waters

Welcome to the super hydrating world of our delicious, refreshing, and tropical line of GOYA® Coconut Waters! Did you know we were one of the first to introduce 100% pure coconut water in the United States? Yep, back in the 1980s! Since then, our line has grown to become one of the most sold in the country and a favorite of modern families wanting to quench their thirst. Drink our GOYA® Coconut Waters either by themselves or in cocktails, mocktails, smoothies and tropical fruit punches. Want to know more? Time to dive deep!


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What’s So Great About Coconut Water?

Coconut water is naturally hydrating, with a high mineral content that replenishes your body instantly with 5 essential electrolytes, including potassium which regulates fluids and mineral balance in your cells. Thirst just doesn’t stand a chance! Our GOYA® Coconut Waters line is made from handpicked, high-quality coconuts from Southeast Asia. They do not contain high fructose corn syrup, are free of saturated fats and cholesterol, plus they are vegan. Coconut water is Mother Nature’s elixir and one of the most versatile tropical drinks out there, amazing by itself and as a base for mixed drinks.


High-quality Coconuts


5 Essential Electrolytes


No High Fructose Corn Syrup


Saturated Fat Free


Cholesterol Free




Naturally Hydrating

Our Coconut Waters


Drinks and Cocktails to get you started

Delight yourself and your loved ones with the best GOYA® Coconut Water drink recipes! Here is a tantalizing compilation of happy hour mixes and non-alcoholic drinks you can easily make at home with any one of our coconut waters. Look!

Get inspired with these video recipes!

Passion Fruit Margaritas

Mango Tequila Sunrise

History Gallery
Prudencio Unanue
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Discover what sets our GOYA® Coconut Waters apart!

It’s all about the single origin. Since the 1980s, GOYA® has been bringing you cool, hydrating coconut water made from handpicked, single-sourced, young green coconuts from Southeast Asia. Sticking to one area of the world to source our fruit enables us to maintain the taste, quality, and consistency in every batch of GOYA® Coconut Water, making sure only the best gets to you.



We’re also keen on quality. Each batch of young coconuts undergoes a careful selection by hand, making sure that all the coconut water you receive is fresh, naturally hydrating, with a pleasant flavor. This further contributes to the stability of the taste, delivering all 5 essential electrolytes beautifully and giving it the consistency that has made our GOYA® Coconut Waters so popular with American families.



We love how versatile GOYA® Coconut Water is! It’s nature’s perfect tropical drink, with a soothing, slightly sweet, nutty flavor that is fully hydrating and majorly refreshing, perfect for quenching intense thirst. It’s amazing by itself or as a smooth base for delicious drinks and cocktails.


Pure hydration!

Welcome to hydration nation! Your body loves coconut water because of the yummy taste and heady mix of minerals it offers. We offer you the best in quality and versatility in our line of GOYA® Coconut Water tropical drinks. Use them to make your favorite smoothies, cocktails, mocktails or fruit punches and taste the difference!



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