Dark Kidney Beans

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Enjoy the rich flavor of GOYA® Dark Kidney Beans, a delicious and convenient variety of beans that GOYA® offers you. With Caribbean and Creole influences, these beans are ideal for preparing various delicious recipes popular in different cuisines. Just open a can and start creating many quick, easy dishes. Delight yourself with these tasty beans in chilis, soups, salads and stews, or you can use them as a side with rice or meat. They are also the perfect ingredient for a vegetarian diet. Enjoy their incredible flavor preparing delicious dishes.


Go ahead and create new recipes, and also your traditional recipes with GOYA® Dark Kidney Beans.


• Excellent source of fiber

• Good source of iron

• Good source of potassium

• 0g trans fat

• Low in fat

• No saturated fat

• No cholesterol

• Soy free

• Non-GMO

• Vegan

• Kosher

• Gluten free

• Size: 15.5 oz., 29 oz., 110 oz.

Gluten Free

0g Trans Fat


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