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The best summer recipes for your outdoor grilling

Summer is here, and that means grilling! Get your grill ready and enjoy the days outside with seasonal favorites and tips on how to grill the perfect grilled chicken, steak, or shrimp. Find a complete collection of quick and easy grilled chicken recipes, summer dinner ideas including how to make a succulent paella, and tasty appetizers you can prepare ahead of time. Plus, find easy salads with no-cooking options, easy cocktails with and without alcohol, delicious desserts, and more recipes to plan your summer menu. You've got to try them all!

Perfect ingredients for a perfect grilling experience Icon

Perfect ingredients for a perfect grilling experience

Surprise your friends and family by preparing the most delicious recipes with GOYA® products. We've selected all the essential ingredients you can't miss this season. They're the secret to having the best barbecues this summer.

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    Mojo & Other Marinades
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    Adobo & More
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    Coconut Water & Nectars
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    Fruit Pulps

5-star marinades for the best barbecues

Everything you need to enhance the flavor of your barbecues

Delicious and refreshing nectars and coconut water!

Delicious frozen fruit pulps

How-to grilling tips

We know you can't wait to start enjoying your outdoor barbecues. Just turn on the grill and let us show you how to prepare, step-by-step, the best grilled chicken, delicious carne asada, or the perfect grilled shrimp; all done easily and quickly. With our recipes and tips your barbecue will be a success!

How to Grill Chicken

How to Grill Beef

How to Grill Shrimp

The best grilled chicken recipes are here

This summer, prepare the best and most delicious grilled chicken with convenient and versatile GOYA® Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning with Pepper. Have fun preparing a whole grilled chicken, delicious thighs in BBQ sauce, tasty fajitas or spectacular skewers. Discover our recipes and enjoy them all summer long!

Ideas for outdoor dining

This summer we bring you ideas to make a delicious and easy dinner, so you can continue enjoying your free time and the good weather. Get inspired by our collection of recipes that includes favorites like paella, carne asada, grilled vegetables; and even burgers, tacos and other treats.

Easy salads, including no-cook options!

Here you'll find a variety of salads, perfects as a side dish for all your grilled dishes. The best part is that they're very easy to prepare, delicious and made with a tasty variety of essentials that include GOYA® Beans. You'll even find no-cook options that are perfect for those hot days!

Cocktails and drinks to enjoy all summer long

Check out this amazing selection of cocktails and mocktails, perfect for summer. Easy recipes that include delicious margaritas, sangrias, spritzes and also classics like piña colada, mojitos and many other favorites.

Easy appetizers for your outdoor gatherings

Prepare flavoful appetizers and side dishes in just minutes, and to save even more time, prepare them in advance. Also find a wide selection of dips, gazpachos or cold soups, ceviches, and other treats.

Delicious & easy frozen treats

It’s the perfect time to tempt yourself with these frozen and refreshing treats. Easily prepare creamy ice creams and popsicles, chilled desserts like no-bake cakes, and even delicious drinks like frappes and punches. The perfect recipes to enjoy outdoors on a hot day!

Find inspiration with these recipe videos!

Piña Colada

Tropical Frozen Margaritas

Coquito Frappé

Corn and Bean Salad